Tucson New Thought
Service and Accessibility Statement

Tucson New Thought is committed to providing quality services that are accessible and inclusive to all interested persons. Our members and community participate in the services, workshops, and events at the Center through various media. We make all attempts to provide access to anyone who is interested, irrespective of geography or disability.

Should you wish to attend or participate in a service provided by Tucson New Thought and have a question about doing so, please do not hesitate to contact us at 520-406-3232 or at tucsonnewthought@gmail.com.

Attending the Center

If you are attending Tucson New Thought and require help with an assistive device such as a wheelchair, walker, cane, etc. you are welcome to make arrangements with us ahead of time to assist in your arrival. While the Center does not provide assistive devices, we will make every effort to accommodate people who require the use of their assistive device in order to attend the Center’s functions.

Due to health concerns, pets are prohibited at Tucson New Thought. However, should you wish to attend the Center and you currently utilize a service animal, please simply identify this to a volunteer upon visiting the Center.

Should you require the assistance and accompaniment of a support person in order to attend Center functions, you are welcome to attend with a support person. For any events, workshops, or services for which there is a fee, Tucson New Thought will not charge the support person for that workshop, event, or service in order that you may attend.

Communications and Information About Tucson New Thought

Tucson New Thought provides livestreaming video of the weekly Sunday Gathering, including the inspirational talks. We currently (as of June 2019) utilize the Facebook webstreaming platform for these videos. We also upload archived videos of the Sunday Gatherings to YouTube and embed them on our website for later viewing, should you be unable to attend or watch live.

Regular communication through multiple emails throughout the week provide regular updates, inspiration, and event listings so that you may remain current with the happenings at Tucson New Thought. You can sign up for regular updates on the homepage of our website.

Should you wish to communicate with someone at Tucson New Thought, or if you have a question for us, please do not hesitate to call 520-406-3232 or email at tucsonnewthought@gmail.com.

Attending Courses and Workshops

Many courses and workshops taught at Tucson New Thought can be viewed live or reviewed on video from the website. Passwords for access are provided to paying participants who chose to view the courses and workshops outside the Center.

Notice of Service or Program Disruptions

Tucson New Thought will notify, to the best of their ability, the public of a disruption in facilities or services through various means which may include, and is not limited to announcements during the Sunday Gathering, weekly email communiques, via social media channels, and/or on the website. Whenever possible, the notice will include the reason for the disruption, its duration, and the alternative access to services.


Tucson New Thought is committed to maintaining and improving access to its goods and services by all people including members, employees, community participants, and the public at large. Comments regarding the manner in which Tucson New Thought provides goods or services are welcome and appreciated. Feedback may be provided in person, by telephone, or via email.

If a response is requested to your communication, please allow three (3) business days for a response.